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  • Domain Registar

    We do not just register domains, we protect your domains against theft and fraud, we give you an extra layer of protection.See Plans.

  • Web site Hosting

    Would you rather get a cheap and unreliable service or a quality service for just an extra bucks. We are the Best See Plans

  • Reseller Hosting

    You will be amazed at how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own web hosting company.See Plans

  • cloud servers

    We are gradually moving away from physical servers, do not be left out.Join us as we move to the Cloud Servers Evolution See Plans

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a quick and convenient way for companies/individuals to send adverts directly to consumers' cell phones, and get a custom response to their ads in almost in just 5 minutes of advertising. We have mobile numbers grouped into many categories. SEE MORE.

Website Design

HOSTVOW specializes in design and development of highly intuitive and professional websites, software and mobile applications for small, medium and large sized business organizations. Want a website? it only takes us 7DAYS to get professional websites done.SEE MORE


Advent of internet has revolutionized the way people market their products and services. Thus, strategies have also evolved for internet marketing with passage of time. Every online business is striving hard to beat the competition and make more sales.SEE MORE

Resellers Hosting give you the opportunity of reselling web hosting service anonymously. You have your own hosting portal where you host websites. People pay money into your account and you host their website and the interesting part of it is that you get 100% of the client payment

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  • Biggest Hosting Promo

    Want to start your own, branded & top growing web hosting company, But tensed about the server price and management. Reseller Hosting is the right solution for you

  • Register a Domain Name

    Domain names with are directly under accredited registrars, locally and internationally. All domains we register or registered by our resellers are theft protected.

  • How to Transfer a Website

    Move your existing websites to 234HOST.NET today and we will handle all the technical-part of migrating your contents, database and all cpanel settings

  • How to become our Affiliate

    Every customer will automatically become our affiliate and earn huge commission from us. Just signup and login to your Account and click on 'Affiliate Program' to get started!

Performance Skills

Website Design 90%
Graphic Design 63%
WordPress 85%
HTML5/CSS3 90%